Hsuehshan (Snowy Mountain) Tunnel has cut the journey time from Taipei to the northeastern county of Yilan down from two hours to one. Located in Yuanshan, Yilan, Kavalan Distillery was opened on Dec 4, 2008. The water drawn from the springs of the Snowy Mountain and Central Mountains imparts a smooth and creamy mouth feel to the whisky. Today, you are able to directly experience the process of making Kavalan whisky, and you can savour every dram either in the tasting area or in Mr Brown Café in the Castle. The Orchid Farm close to the distillery is also a must-see for nature lovers and families.

Yilan Yuanshan
2.5 Hours

Kavalan Distillery + Mr. Brown Castle Café + King Car Orchid Farm


  • Company profile video (Convention Center): 15 minutes
  • Whisky production line with tour: 25 minutes
  • Tasting area in Castle: 20 minutes
  • Mr. Brown Castle Café: 50 minutes
  • King Car Orchid Farm: 30 minutes

Yilan Jiao-Xi
2 Hours

King Car Jiao-Xi Orchid Farm + Mr. Brown Café, Jiao-Xi + King Car Shrimp Farm


  • King Car Jiao-Xi Orchid Farm: 30 minutes
  • Mr. Brown Café, Jiao-Xi: 1 hour
  • King Car Shrimp Farm: 30 minutes

Yilan Tou-Cheng
4 Hours

Mr. Brown Café Castle ShopⅠ+ Windmill + Hiking Trail+ Mr. Brown Café Castle ShopⅡ


  • Mr. Brown Café Castle ShopⅠ
  • Windmill
  • Hiking Trail
  • Mr. Brown Café Castle ShopⅡ


  • The hourly tour is free of charge. Advance reservation is required if the group is over 20 people or an English tour is requested.
  • Please ring King Car Orchid Farm for information on entry fees.
  • Advance reservation is required for groups dining in the Mr.Brown Café.

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