Whisky itself contains alcohols, aldehydes and esters。Once the temperature of the storage environment drops, these flavour compounds will cause the particles to become visible and create a cloudy effect. Chill-filtering is the process of dropping the temperature of whisky to 4 degrees celsius in order to remove the particles, making the whisky clear again. Kavalan whiskies are all non-chill filtered in order to preserve the original and natural flavour from the barrels.

Caramel Colouring

Kavalan whiskies are colouring free. The consistent colour of our whisky is achieved by obtaining caramel directly from the casks when the whisky has matured .


When spirit in the glass is swirled around, the spirit trickles down the sides. This effect is known as the "legs" or "tears". Wider legs indicate lower alcohol, while narrower legs indicate higher alcohol. Whisky with less texture has legs that run fast. Slow legs indicate more texture and fatty acids such as in Kavalan whisky.


Finishing means maturing in two (or more) cask(s) for a period of time. In order to provide complexity and multiple flavours, Kavalan’s Master Blender will normally transfer the cask contents into another cask to increase the flavour. Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Whisky is one of the expressions that is matured in Bourbon casks firsts and then transferred into Port casks to add more multi-layered flavours.

Cask Strength

Cask Strength means whisky that is bottled at peak quality and which has not been diluted with water after draining it directly from the cask in the bottling process. In Kavalan whisky, "Solist" is the Single Cask Strength range.


Peat is a plant that has been compressed in the ground for thousands of years within a high-pressure and high-temperature environment. In whisky production, the peat is burnt underneath the malted barley to stop its germination so that the malted barley contains smokey and peated flavours. For example, Islay in Scotland is one of the most recognized regions for peated whisky.