Spirits Categories

  1. Whisky: 'Whisky' is derived from the phrase- 'uisge beatha', literally "water of life". Under UK and European law, whisky (or whiskey) is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash, which is processed through malting, milling, mashing, fermenting, maturation, blending and bottling. Whisky cannot contain any added substances and it can only be converted at the distillery to a fermentable substrate by endogenous enzyme systems followed by maturation in oak casks for a minimum of three years. On the other hand, according to the regulations in Taiwan, whisky must be matured for a minimum of two years in oak casks. Kavalan whisky uses malted barley as its raw material and retains the aromas that we gain through the distilling process and from the new make spirit, which is matured for two years in our subtropical climate ensuring a rich flavour and complex texture.
  2. Vodka: Vodka is commonly made from wheat, barley, or potatoes through multiple distillations in order to produce a clear spirit.
  3. Brandy: Brandy is a distilled spirit made from virtually any fermented fruit, but most commonly made from grapes. The brandy regions are mostly located in Cognac and Armagnac. Brandy makers place a high value on the varieties of grapes, soils and viticultures.
  4. Gin: Gin can be made from neutral alcohol with added flavouring substances, which include juniper and other botanicals like lemon or orange peel to gain its multi-layered flavours.
  5. Rum: Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane or its byproducts. The rum-producing regions are The Caribbean, Latin America, the UK and Africa. Many classic cocktails use rum as their base.
  6. Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant and originates in Mexico.
  7. Chinese Liquor: Baijiu is an alcoholic beverage made from glutinous sorghum, glutinous rice, corn or wheat as its raw material. For example, Mautai from China and Kaoliang from Taiwan are famous Chinese liquors.

Type of whiskies

  1. Grain Whisky: Grain whisky ordinarily refers to any whisky made, at least in part, from grains other than malted barley, such as whisky made using corn, wheat or rye.
  2. Blended Malt Whisky: Blended malt whisky is a blend of different single malt whiskies from different distilleries.
  3. Single Malt Whisky: Single malt whisky is malt whisky from a single distillery and distilled from fermented mash made exclusively with malted barley.
  4. Blended Whisky: A blended whisky is the product of blending different types of whiskys and sometimes also grain spirits, coloring, and flavorings.